Thursday, December 01, 2005

First blood.. First post..

I started this blog with the idea of logging my daily thoughts about Newcastle United Football Club, my most beloved club that i support eventhough i'm not english and live halfway across the globe.. It will be good to be able to sift through my thoughts one day when the magpies finally win something.. All this anguish and frustration from supporting the team needs an outlet and what better way then a blog.. IF i get readers from this pet project, then it's a plus.. If there are 'trolls' from other teams.. i WILL ignore or delete your post.. You have been warned.. It's my blog and i can do whatever i want to with it.. :P

Coming up.. Review on the 2 games played this week, away to Everton and Wigan.. And maybe something on Baba 3 match ban.. What an idiot!!




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