Friday, December 02, 2005

vs Everton, Sunday 27 Nov 2005

The Everton vs Newcastle United game was shown live here at 9.30pm and after a nice dinner, sat down and prepared myself for a good match between two teams who desperately needs a win to move up the table. It WAS suppose to be a good match with 2 teams having a go at each other but in the end i was truly dissapointed. Firstly, there's no Michael Owen! Dammit! Now i'm wondering where's the goal gonna come from?! Shearer? Only from spot kicks. Ameobi? Once in a blue moon. Midfield? You gotta be joking! Ok, maybe not under the current regime. The team played awfully, they were lumping long balls up the field, no creativity from the middle of the park, there was no drive, no determination! And the ref? We cant leave out as a talking point cant we? He was horribly inept!! I hope there's something like a board of ref's to review the performance of each ref after the game and tell him that he's a bloody joke! Both teams are awfully lucky to have 11 players on the pitch after the final whistle. Elbows were flying high and low and clear cut penalties were not given. Damn you ref!!! As if watching the team you support play horribly isn't enuff, we have a donkey ref for value added entertainment! bravo! bravo indeed..

My ratings for the our players on that day:

Shay Given : Best player for the team.. As always.. 8/10

Celestine Babayaro : Hasn't got a clue what determination, hard work or team play means.. Gives the ball away way to easy.. Inept passing too.. 4/10

Jean-Alain Boumsong & Titus Bramble : Combined efficiently to stop the single threat of 1 Everton striker with an abysmal strike rate, thank god they played with only 1 striker! Both 5/10

Peter Ramage : Youth player doing ok, waste the ball sometimes with awful passing or over ambitous? 5/10

Belozoglu Emre : Did ok in the middle, above average passing but lacks the opening other team mates provides to make use of his passing.. Could do better.. 5.5/10

Charles N'Zogbia : Largely anonymous.. Should utilize his pace and trickery more in trying to breakdown the everton defence from the left side of the field.. Played as a leftback by the end of the game. 5/10

Scott Parker : Work horse of the team, playing as DM, did ok. 6/10

Nolberto Solano : Should stick to playing on the right side of the field, comes in the middle way to often, no telling pass to show for in the whole game. 5/10

Shola Ameobi : Over elaborate ball controls robs him of time for a shot at goal, should practice more on 1 touch set up and shoot!! Drifts wide to often but that's because the supposed wide man of the team doesnt go wide!! 5/10

Alan Shearer : Ineffective, only has aggression and determination to show, has 1 v 1 chance with the keeper and fluffed it.. Should've been more vocal in reprimanding his inept team mates as team captain. 4/10

A Luque for C Babayaro (51) : Did ok for someone who's not played for over 3 months! 5/10

L Bowyer for N Solano (60) : All huffing and puffing but no end product, brownie points for aggression and determination shown when on the pitch. 5/10



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