Friday, December 02, 2005

vs Wigan Athletic, 30 Nov 2005

Diabolical, deplorable, dreadful, shocking, pitiful, pathetic, embarrassing, unbelievable, dismal, feeble, useless, awful, appalling, abysmal, shameful, astonishing, staggering, atrocious, inexcusable. That's how described the team's performance against wigan! Choose any one of the words? No please, you lot can have 'em all! What a bunch of overpaid and under-performing pros!! Souness OUT!! Souness OUT!!

The game was selected as a delayed telecast here plus it's midweek, which means the kick off is at 5.30am, no worries, i'm used to waking up at any hour of the night/morning to watch the team I support most but this game takes the cake for being the worst 2 hours of my life wasted by watching a bunch of football pros make a mockery of their supporters! They were totally clueless in the first half, going into the dressing room at halftime with the score still 0-0 is a really2 big sign luck is on your side when it should've been 4-0. It was such an inept performance that no one blamed 'lady luck' for not helping us out. We should though thank half the Wigan team for showing up without their shooting boots!! The second half showed glimpse of promise that things would turn for the better but it didn't materialise. Empty shallow promises. Some of the players was just gutless or were they afraid of their own shadows? When we are pinned down i thought we would rough it out or stamp a feet or two, it would've been more acceptable then letting your opponent waltz all over you like you're a pub team, wait, i'm sorry if i offended any pub teams out there, you guys are a more determined lot then the one i watched on telly yesterday morning.

So straight to the Player Ratings! :

Shay Given : Best player for the team again, kept the score down with the help of wigan inept finishing, wouldn't fault him if he leaves any time soon. 7.5/10

Jean-Alain Boumsong : At sixes and sevens to stop a second string Wigan side, brownie points for better clearances a.k.a lumping the ball upfield. 4/10

Robbie Elliott : No suicidal back passes this time but gave away a penalty?! WTF!! 3/10

Peter Ramage : First team football is not a good place to blood youngsters! The First Division for you. 3.5/10

Lee Bowyer : Another round of running like a headless chicken! 3/10

Belozoglu Emre : Got of injured, lucky him. 4/10!

Charles N'Zogbia : Largely anonymous. 3.5/10

Scott Parker : At some point we played 5 in midfield, i still cant comprehend how wigan could outplayed our midfield. Scotty should shoulder some of the blame. 3.5/10

Nolberto Solano : The creative outlet of our team? Of no use when the other 9 outfield player are as static as a brick wall!! 4/10

Albert Luque : Doesn't do enough for the cause, blames lack of first team action. 4/10

Alan Shearer : Piss poor. Can always blame others for 'lack of service'. 3/10

M Brittain for L Bowyer (45) : Not as awful as bowyer but doesnt improve the team either. 3/10

M Chopra for A Luque (57) : Suprisingly did better then Shearer in terms of being a nuisance to the Wigan's defence, but that's about it. 4/10

A Faye for B Emre (71) : The epitomy of a clueless and overpaid football pro. Should've never been bought in the first place. 2.5/10!

Next up, a home game between the Magpies and Aston Villa, who also lost the carling cup game to a Div.1 team with a piss poor performance. Should be an interesting watch, shown here as delayed telecast at 1am. Here we go again..



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