Monday, August 21, 2006

Newcastle 2 - Wigan 1, 19-08-06

WTF!!! The game was not shown live! Not even delayed!! Who the hell wanna watch Everton vs Watford!? That game stinks! I could not fanthom how the magpies was not shown live! Bloody idiots! Arghhhh! I'm really pissed! See all this exclamation marks! That's how pissed i am!!!! Sigh..

On a slightly happier note we won! Stayed up till 1am so i could catch the result and maybe some short footage of how the game went.. Parker was definitely a good choice as captain, he even scored a goal.. Then our concentration went AWOL, Carr made a very poor clearence and with 4 defenders between our goal and McCulloch, he still manages to score!

Steely determination from our new captain, pic from Soccernet!

Luckily for us, it was one of those days where Ameobi can put away half chances with aplomb! He sinks the second goal for the magpies and restores the lead.. The scoreline was maintained till the end eventhough Wigan came back stronger after the 2nd goal and there was also a shout for penalty in the dying seconds when Bramble fouled a Wigan player.. In the end it's 3 points in the bag! It's great that we start the season with a win, i cant remember the last time we got all 3 points from an opening day fixture! Goob job team! Good job Roeder!

I hope this week would even turn out better! A midweek WIN in our UEFA Cup Qualifier game(on Thursday) and 3 new signings to be exact! It's all over the news that Obefami Martins is in the bag, he was over on Tyneside on Sunday for a medical! With a reputation of below 11 secs for the 100m sprint, he will inject alot of pace to our attack! Yippee! Gravesan could also be signing, but the lack of quality defenders shortlisted to join us is really bugging me.. I really hope we sign atleast 1 defender before the transfer window closes!



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