Tuesday, April 18, 2006

4-1 to the Magpies in the northeast derby!

I've been hanging out with other magpies supporters in a subforum at LowYat.net.. Here's a post on what i think of the game:

"..i watch the delayed game too..it was nice to see we win 4-1 but we have to thank the sunderland team for shooting themselves in the foot THREE times!!

First caldwell let chopra waltz on goal, then hoyte conceded a penalty and luque scoring after both their central defenders collided among themselves.. if we were still managed by souness, the game would've been a 4-4 draw! nzogbia's goal was a good placed shot after a mazy run which the sunderland defence simply cant cope.. from the starting line up we looked pear shaped because roeder opted for clark and faye in the centre of midfield(both more in the DM mold).. this is the main cause why we played so badly in the first half.. both of their performance was awful.. faye in particular cant even pass! his one touch passing is an eyesore.. it bounces everywhere and causes the receiving team mate trouble to control.. and in a derby game, tackles comes in thick n fast.. damn you faye! clark was below average with no creativity to dictate play.. we really missed parker & emre..

In the end.. the substitution in the 60th minute was a masterclass by roeder..if he gets us a UEFA cup place, HAIL ROEDER! ROEDER FOR DA MAGPIES!! and not to forget Luque.. his finishing was cool but his goal celebration was suprising, not only dedicating his goal to the magpies but asking them for forgiveness with the way he shakes his hand together.. dont you guys think so?.."

The magpies have been giving good performances all round with Roeder incharge hence i dont have much rantings to do these days.. :D



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