Friday, December 23, 2005

4 games in 8 days?!

What a treat! what a treat!!! Ermmm... I'm crossing my fingers we'll win all 4 of 'em.. Heh, the eternal optimisim of a magpie fan never cease to amaze.. :)

Here's the schedule for the coming 4 games:-

December 26th : Liverpool vs Newcastle
December 28th : Newcastle vs Charlton
December 31st : Tottenham vs Newcastle
January 2nd : Newcastle vs Middlesbrough

Looking at the teams we're facing, 2 home wins and 2 away draws would be an OK result. 1 thing we should hope for for the coming games are we dont get any new injuries while playing all those games in a span of 8 days! 4 nights of staying up! Let's hope the team makes it a worthwhile effort.. :P



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