Tuesday, January 03, 2006

vs Tottenham, 31st December 2005

We lost the game 2-0 and the match wasnt even shown as a delayed match here. I woke up early the next morning to catch 'Football Extra' to see how we fared in the game. A short 2 minute highlight of the game did give a clue that we were horrible in the game, owen got injured (and will be out for 3 months!!), the defence opened up too easily.. and ameobi missed a sitter in injury time.. Same old story, same old mediocrity.. The pundits on Football Extra was very vocal with both the defence of the magpies and souness, all of em needs to be shipped out! I totally agree with you dudes!!

There was also a reported bust up between Carr and Souness causing the player to give this game a miss.. We should coin a new term, a 'Souness bust up' whenever a bust up occurs between a player and a manager, cos that's what he has mastered after all this years in football management! What better way to be remembered in the history of football!

I also did some reading on the net after the spurs game was played and talk about Luque moving on to Real after only playing 4 games for us is ridiculous! He's a class act and should be given a full season to get his game together! Bowyer and Faye on the other hand are footballing misfits who deserve to ply their trade in the lower divisions! Either that or a new manager who could improve them tremendously as a player.

I end this post with a quote from Newcastle Online:

"..If you're reading Joaquin, stay well fucking clear of Newcastle United, a club fast becoming a graveyard for footballers (Luque, Owen et al), a holiday camp for wasters (Kluivert, Dyer et al) and a retirement home for piss poor managers (Souness).."

True indeed..



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