Thursday, January 05, 2006

Newcastle vs Middlesbrough, 2nd January 2005

Thanks to an injury time goal from Lee Clark and Viduka's inept finishing, Souness is still a Newcastle United manager! A 2-2 draw might be a fair result for both teams but the chants of 'Souness Out' after the final whistle clearly showed what the fans thought of the teams AND manager's performance. The game was shown live but i completely forgot about it and instead watched a Battlestar Galactica movie.

I wont comment anything more about the game since i missed so i'll direct my ire towards some news item i read today. Firstly, parker goes under the knife on his knee. That's just great, our second best player goes out for the next 2 months! Second best?! Cos Shay Given in my opinion is our best player for this miserable season by a very long mile! Souness said this in the news item regarding parker's operation:

'..It's a shame for Scott because he has been our best player this season and to lose him is a blow for everyone concerned..'

He doesnt have a fucking clue who the best is.. Shame on you Souness.. Given, just hand in your transfer request, the fans will understand.. You deserve better!

Other news worth noting are the transfer of Laurent Robert to Benfica and Sam Allardyce as the no.1 target to replace Souness WHEN he gets the sack.. Hmmmm.. i still prefer Otmar Hitzfeld(i dont think i got the spelling correct :P) or Guus Hiddink as they are more shrewd tactically and a few notches up then allardyce, whether they'll be interested to manage the toon would be a completely different matter, but i'm crossing my fingers!!



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