Friday, September 08, 2006

Dateline transfer blues..

Thats what i'm having right now.. The dateline transfer blues.. In one hand we signed 3 people! On the other, they are currently not world beaters :( Oh well.. Any signings is better then none.. Too bad Rossi's move was not a permanent one, i saw the video clip compilation showing he scored some really sweet goals.. What a shame.. I just hope he stays past January and all the way till the end of the season..

The gaffer with his signings

Ollie bernard made a suprise u-turn by signing for us and not Leeds on transfer dateline day! Thank you, hopefully he'll give Baba the kick in the arse he needs for further motivation and buck up! Earning thousands of pounds per week is not a sufficient source of motivation these days for the so called football pro! Bernard played in a midweek reserve game and he looks OK but not match fit.. He should get a few more minutes when we meet Fulham at home assuming we are cruising with a few goals.. :) And then we have Antoine Sibierksi, signed from Man City for a small fee.. Money well spent i guess cos i see this guy knocking down headers with ease.. Expect to see our midfielders getting to the end of his knockdowns when he plays..

The Newcastle vs Fulham game will be shown delayed here, bummer.. Midnight slot.. All you malaysian magpies fan out there, dont miss it! Lets hope we win this game with Martins scoring a few goals and the defence keeping a clean sheet! :P Yeah i know.. Wishfull thinking for a magpies fan.. :D



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