Friday, September 15, 2006

Levadia 0 - Newcastle 1, 14/09/06

This UEFA Cup game was shown live on ASTRO! Thank you ASTRO!! Too bad when the game ended I was not in a happy mood. Based on the performance of the Magpies team, Levadia were unlucky not to get away with a point. The defending was comical as ever! We are talking a game versus an Estonian team here! Newcastle was in control most of the time but when Levadia got forward and into our final 3rd, the defence looked jittery and was carved out too easily.. We were lucky the finishing of the Levadia forwards were awful! Thank god Bramble was substituted but then it got me worried cos Ramage was pushed in to CB(bummer!) and Duff was pushed to left back!! What the hell.. Zoggy is the one who is supposed to drop down to LB and let Duff move to the left wing.. But it doenst matter cos both was dissapointing on the left flank. Milner who came in for Bramble started brightly but wasnt really effective on the right flank.

Once we are 1 goal up, the whole team seemed to relax and started playing 'exhibition football'! There wasnt much intent on getting more goals which really got me pissed off.. Sibierski got off the mark on the 10th minute but after that he completely disappeared from the game. It was left to Martins to create his own half chances, his finishing still needs more polishing based on a few snap shots he executed.

The second half was a total bore. Butt was the second substitute to come on and didnt do much. Luque came for the final 10 minutes and did ok, he did whip in a wicked cross from the left but no one got to the end of it. He's quality alright, give him more playtime Glen!!

Player Ratings:
Given - 7, kept a clean sheet and stayed alert to deny a few decent shots from Levadia
Bramble - 4, poor again, against an average team!
Carr - 6.5, did ok
Moore - 5.5, a centreback? yes, commanding? not even close!
Ramage - 5.5, looked shaky, did just enough, but this is against Levadia!
Duff - 7, full of running and was smart on the ball, too bad had to play LB
Emre - 6, was crowded out in midfield
N'Zogbia - 6, made some threathening runs and thats about it
Parker - 7, good game snuffing out the Levadia attack, could have scored too
Sibierski - 6, got a goal but then went AWOL
Martins - 6.5, lack propoer service and created his own chances

Milner - 6, full of running but end product lacks quality
Butt - 5.5, did ok coming on late in the game
Luque - 5.5, same as above :P



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