Monday, September 11, 2006

Newcastle 1 - Fulham 2, 09/09/06

We managed to grab defeat from the jaws of victory! Bravo!! Bravo indeed.. Before the 80th minute everything was rosy, the defence didnt put a foot wrong, the midfield was controlling the match and the strikers was inching closer and closer for the second goal. Until Parker was substituted that is, then everything went down the drain real fast.. Fulham got the equaliser when Ramage slip and let Routledge an easy way in for him to cross and guess who is marking McBride at the far post? NO ONE!!! WTF is wrong with the defence?! Where's Carr? Why is Bramble marking our own player, DUFF while McBride is just 4ft away?!

Astonished Fulham can't believe their luck!

Adding insult to injury, the second and winning goal came a few minutes later with Bramble(AGAIN!!) at fault for not man marking McBride on a second cross! McBride had a free header at goal but it bounce of the bar and Bocanegra bundled it in with his shins.. Thank you Bramble! Game over for the magpies and a healthy dose of boos right at the final whistle.. You guys totally deserved it! Bramble should shoulder most of the blame in this defeat.. He is a liability to the team.. I hope he gets booted from the first team for the next match! Replace him with Taylor please!! Enough is enough.. His attention span is pathetic as a football pro.. Let him rot in the reserves..

Roeder, you're running out of excuses.. The team made the same mistake a.k.a shooting themselves in the foot as did previous teams under Gullit, Sir Bobby and Souness!!! The defence is worth shyte, you signed forwards and midfielders and still pin your hopes on the comedic defence to buck up.. How much longer will you go down this same old road? Get this into your thick skull! The central defenders we have is CRAP! Ship them OUT! Get world class defenders IN! Is that so hard to do?

Given - 5, nothing much to do the whole game but still conceded 2 goals..
Carr - 6, did better then last game but then we are talking Fulham at home here..
Ramage - 4, started at average and ends up at poor
Bramble - 3, extremely poor, must be benched for next game!
Moore - 5, average performer
Duff - 6, should have been more productive with the ball and in the final 3rd
NZogbia - 5, anonymous, no telling contribution whatsoever
Emre - 6, just OK, bossed the midfield and provided the cross for Parker to score
Parker - 9, The only person to emerge with credit from this game!
Ameobi - 5, anonymous.. No decent attempt at goal..
Martins - 5, received poor service, needs more time to gel
Rossi (sub) - 5, received no service at all, must have wished he was back at Man United
Butt (sub) - 5, came in late.. Couldnt do much as the defence imploded



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