Thursday, September 21, 2006

Liverpool 2 - 0 Newcastle, 20/09/06

We lost because we were second best in every department(eventhough we had decent calls for a penalty or two). Watching Ameobi mindlessly working his same old routine is tiring. Where is the talent? The exciting attacking flair we crave so much? There was not much trust between the midfielders that they rather pass it back to the defence who then lump it upfield, we lose posession like 30 times by doing this! I am tired of watching this kind of football, it just sucks.. Emre did well when he had the ball and so should have been given more of it but instead he had to come within 5ft of our own player to ask for the ball!? come on! cant we pass it to him further up the field when he can do more damage?? parker was playing DM so it is understandable he's further down the pitch but with emre constantly nearby, we are always too far back and this gives ample time for liverpool to reorganize and defend.

Alonso did well to execute a perfect through pass but finnan still had to find a pass to beat 2 defenders before kuyt could get to the end of it which in fact he did. It was easy to spot that ramage and moore was man marking and when the cross came both attackers switched resulting in kuyt moving to the near post while bellamy going far, this leaves moore on the wrong side of kuyt to block his attempt. it was poor, an intelligent pairing would've gone zonal to cover for that low cross.. And who was suppose to man mark an overlapping fullback? Our left winger, Mr. Duff! :(

Liverpool was not at their best, they were shaky and we played right into their hands by not going forward enough. The defence was overworked, Emre and Parker did ok but our wingers and forwards was totally anonymous! Its just sad to see that the team is not good enuff to compete with one of the big boys when the big boy has a day off!

The look on that face is priceless!

Finally the sucker punch! Alonso scores with a lob from inside his own centre circle!! Harper was scrambling back and slipped. COME ON!! That was a very poor goal to concede! Sure some people will say it was sublime, sublime? come on.. it was just a lob and it bounced before going in.. If it was a screamer from the middle of the pitch and ended at the top corner, now THAT is sublime! This is just a normal lob aided by a clumsy keeper!! I just pray the team will fare better against Everton..



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