Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1 year on and we still SUCK!

I gave up updating this blog a year ago.. The team was shambolic and poor then.. It's still poor today.. Nothing much to add.. The Portsmouth 1-4 mauling at home and 0-3 lost to Liverpool just recently really outlined our Euro credentials.. I hope Allardyce goes to manage England before the next transfer windows open! With the likes of Capello and Maurinho not in anyone's payroll.. We should atleast try our luck and sign them as our next saviour..

McLaren: "It's all up to you now Sam.."

On another note.. I'm making changes to this blog's concept.. No more pure rantings of my frustration on the inept team i currently support! It's time to talk about other things in life too.. Not in the tones of 'why are we here' or 'what's the meaning of life' ofcourse! I know my way around several stuff and i would really2 like to share what i know with you readers out there.. It will range from PC related stuff to cars.. So dont fret if you see me posting something about a broken engine mounting soon! =P



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