Monday, November 06, 2006

Newcastle 0 - 1 Sheff Utd, 04/11/06

When will he ever get it right??

A clueless and inept performance not only from the whole team but the manager too! Picking a 4-5-1 approach against a team not having won an away game and even scored an away goal from the start of the season really dumbfounded me. We should have gone 4-4-2! With Duff returning to the left, milner on the right, Luque playing in the hole and Rossi up front! It would have made everyone playing in their favourite positione! Duff & Milner would be able to run at the opposition's back, Luque would be able to make use of his long range shooting abilities while Rossi, an intelligent player could try to sneak in, control a pass well and execute a well placed shot. I'm not plucking things out of thin air here.. It's what they are good at based on the matches I've seen them play.. The more Roeder insist the players of playing to his approach of long balls and low quality crosses the more we suck and loose games! His apparent bias at selecting Zogbia even when he's not delivering the good stuff on the left wing really irks me too. Its time he goes back to the basics and plays everyone in their best position! Moore and Bramble should be droped too because we are consistently loosing games with this CB pairing! Go for Taylor and Ramage you nitwit!

Somebody's head will roll.. Soon..

The game was a bore to watch and i nearly doze off! This game was shown live at 1am in the morning! I was thinking of going to sleep when Sheff Utd struck.. Sigh.. Looks like the Palermo game was another false dawn.. Or was it the 6 changes made for this game was the cause of the lost? Who knows and i dont give a damn! With the names on the team sheet, we should have won against a team of mostly Championship material but sadly, most of the players was found wanting with Parker and Duff the major culprits.. No point rambling on about how they suck so much, we lost out to a team without an away win all season! Typical Newcastle, when a team needs a break or wants to break a duck, just wait for the match against Newcastle, we will surely do you guys a favour! Boos was aplenty at the end of the game, some going to the extent of making a loud gathering seeking Shepherd's removal.. Sad day indeed..



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