Monday, September 25, 2006

Newcastle 1 - 1 Everton, 24/09/06

Bramble is a pathetic & stupid centreback!! Not only was he bailed out 3 times by parker of his mistakes at the back, he even manage to get sent off later! What a retarded idiotic baboon! WTF! Sell him in January please!! He's a liability to the team and with him around, it effects others! Look at Moore, his performance in this game is strewn with errors, poor man marking, poor passess, in no mans land, etc.. Hell we have the poorest centreback pairing in the english premiere league! The only reason we are not rock bottom is because of the contribution of our midfielders (esp. parker) and forwards.. Our back four are relegation material PERIOD! It's evident Roeder cant 'work' his magic on our current centrebacks, so he should either ship them out or you Mr.Roeder are just as clueless as previous managers in knowing the importance of getting a good pair of centrebacks! And i really would write this season off if you continue giving unwarranted loyalty to a pathetic excuse of a centreback, Titus Bramble! It wont be long before the fans calls for your head!

The look tells it all!

And a deserving mention for Bramble from soccernet who picks Bramble to be in their team of the week FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS! Here's the text:

"Titus Bramble was at the heart of everything Everton did well in the 1-1 draw with Newcastle. The Magpies defender let his man go on multiple occasions, failed to make key tackles, could have concede a penalty, stood and watched as Tim Cahill headed Everton's goal at the back post and then got sent-off......this is Team Of The Weak isn't it?"

The game was end to end stuff indeed but were damn lucky it's Everton on 4-5-1 that we are up against.. If its Arsenal, we would have lost by atleast 6 goals! The defence was ultra crap.. There was no genuine creativity from every deparment of the team, the keeper was kicking the ball way upfield and returning possesion to everton super quick, the defence keeps lumping long balls, the wingers was delivering hopefull low quality crosses into the box and the forwards wasted a lot of chances.. Again.. only the pair of Parker and Emre deserves any credit for giving the gameplay any sense of meaning and industry.. How bout the manager? I havent write anything bad bout Roeder yet but my gut feeling tells me it wont be long, i cant believe he didnt say a word about Bramble's super poor performance in todays game report! I wish i could knock some sense into his head! Bramble sucks big time! Tell it like it is and stop protecting him!



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