Monday, November 06, 2006

Palermo 0 - 1 Newcastle, 02/11/06

Luque's flying but Roeder doesn't care

Against all odds and fielding half the team of of non-regular players, Newcastle managed to pull of one of the suprise victories for all european matches played that night. Luque was handed a start and played well in patches but what's important is he manage to score the winning goal.Tim Krul was another shining example with a very good perfomance for someone making a debut on a european night, away from home and with the home team expected to win big. The defence which contained Bramble from start till finish managed to hold out for the win eventhough they were bombarded in the second half, and when they failed, in comes Tim Krul with several top drawer saves. It's too early to tell but in him i think we have a good replacement for given and harper in a few years time. I didn't catch the full game as this game was shown as a delayed match at 8am in the morning when i'm well on my way to the office!! Oh Astro please show replays at more appropriate times! :(



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