Friday, September 29, 2006

Newcastle 2 - 1 Talinn, 28/09/06

We won and soccernet screws up.. A minor one atleast.. Refer to the headings of the screenshot below to see what i mean.. :) Why does this matter? Well thats because the game wasnt shown live and the first piece of news i read about the game is on that page.. Anyway, after reading how we performed.. I fear the worst for our team come this Sunday.. Away to Old Trafford!

Finally the backflip is executed infront of the Gallowgate end! :)

We played so badly against a small team for the first half and Harper conceded a soft goal.. Thankfully the second half was better with Martins getting a brace.. His finishing i read, was quite good.. Lets hope there will be more to come from Martins.. And how about the coming game this weeked? I'm predicting a 4-1 defeat for the magpies.. Call me what you want but i will never be a naive and unrealistic supporter.. We can win this game? Dream on! Not with the current defence and maybe.. THE MANAGER! Come on! Prove me i'm wrong Roeder, i would absolutely love it..



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