Monday, October 02, 2006

Man Utd 2 - 0 Newcastle Utd, 01/10/06

Nothing new to report here! NOT suprisingly we lost to a far superior team who looks well organized and fluent in their attacking forays while the Magpies sadly, looked out of depth. Playing 4-5-1 to crowd out the midfield only worked till the 41st minute when ManU scored but evidently from the kickoff, the Magpies was on the backfoot all the way through the game.. The goal frame made 4 saves itself(could be deemed our 12th player on the field) while Harper too, was busy in keeping the score down. We are lucky to escape with a 2-0 defeat. Roeder must be pleased!

Ronaldo cant believe the linesman missed The Stevie Taylor Show!

We are very very lucky Shambles er i mean Bramble is not on the team sheet. This gives Taylor the chance to partner Moore while Ramage is pushed to the leftback slot, Carr makes up the back four. Our backfour sucks! Ronaldo was running rings around Carr, Moore lost concentration on a couple of times including causing the first goal when he played Solksjaer onside! All the other 3 defenders were 5 yards up the pitch while Moore was in no mans land watching Ole stabs the first in. 1-0 to ManYoo and Moore, you SUCK! We nearly conceded a penalty in the second half when Taylor handled the ball but his theatrical fall manage to con the ref into thinking it hit his stomach.. Oh what did i do in this life to deserve watching that? The acting was awful and blatant, i would never condone it even if its done by the team i support. And since this is his second stint at acting, how bout a video review and a ban? What? What kind of supporter am i? I support the team you nitwit! Not players who underperform, gives the team a bad name and made us the laughing stock of the english premiereship football!

Ameobi was half fit and he's prefered over Martins and Luque?? Roeder sometimes you amazes me with your blind faith in your players, did they pay you back? We lost, so guess not!! Even when martins came in and the team switched to 4-4-2, we defended too deep because of our lousy back four. The midfielders drop deep to help out which in turn causes the front two to be deprived of any decent service! We should start playing to our strength and let the defence sort themselves out.. Loosing 4-2 would've been better then 2-0 cos atleast we showed we can score!! A 2-0 scoreline with 85 minutes spent in our own half is depressing viewing even for the most optimistic supporter. Just ship Shola for the hip op ASAP and let Luque partner Martins for 5 straight games! Now thats the true meaning of having faith in your players, like what Mourinho is currently doing with Shevchenko!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newcastle was very very lucky not to conceed more that nite.
however, i think you need more time to established a good side. Yes, they should established a good backfour to support the team way of play.
and united, you have given the best performance this season. Keep up the good works.
Man Utd forever.
p/s: Ask roeder to use rossi more frequent, you would surprise what that young lads can do.

10/4/06, 2:12 PM  
Blogger Junita said...

hm... wow..
I'm no tactical master here but sorry to say Reef, Glory Glory Man Utd...

10/9/06, 9:26 AM  
Blogger Reef's Rant said...

use rossi more? maybe.. we need to change the way we play.. no more pumping long ball upfield.. martins should play out n out while luque or rossi plays second striker, drops deep and link up the striker and the midfield..

glory2 man utd? not until the fat lady sings.. :) when you guys win the league that is..

10/9/06, 9:49 AM  
Blogger tedungS said...

Of all the teams, Newcastle? hehe no pun intended. They're all right, as long as ABC(anything but C=CHELSKYA) or ABU (sapa lagi kalau bukan mUnited).

Yeah thats right, dump that ol' boring english gameplan, coz they have pretty good technical players. And get a new set of defenders, it sucks big time!

10/10/06, 2:32 AM  

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