Monday, October 16, 2006

Newcastle 1 - Bolton 2, 15/10/06

How do i start this post? It's another superbly dissapointing game to watch and seeing Roeder field Bramble back at the centre of defence sends me praying to god, oh please not another game.. In the dead.. What i feared happened again, all too many times.. We shot ourselves in the foot.. For how many times i just dont care.. Bramble can go home tonight and i sincerely hope he contemplates to shoot himself in the head.. What a dumbass moron.. You dont event deserve to play in league 1.. how bout division 2?

'Use your head Roeder, Bramble is crap!' is probably the intended message

Sure we deservedly won a penalty and Shola tuck it away but it was downhill since the start of the second half.. Both forwards was anonymous.. Most suprisingly, the most underperformed player in a black & white shirt for tonite is Parker! Our captain! What happened to you? There was no passion or inspiration in his performance tonite.. Combine that with our preference for comical defending, we conceded 2 super sloppy goals in a space of 2 minutes!! Yup.. Just 2 minutes is all it takes to undone all the hard work done in the first half..

Crudely done? Yes, but strong indication of his current popularity nonetheless

Bramble goes to sleep for the first goal! What else is new.. Roeder.. please have your head re-examined.. your tumour might be coming back since you blatantly cant see how absolute crap Bramble's defending is.. For the second goal, i tried my best not to put the blame on Bramble, i was asking where was Carr when Diouf sneaked in the back post but alas the pundits corrected me with several replays and putting the 2nd goal blame squarely on Bramble's shoulder when he left Diouf to attack the ball, completely missed it and gave Diouf a free header for his second of the night.. Thanks Bramble! I could always count on you to fuck up our chances of winning a game.. Please do lots of the geordie fans a favour by dropping dead tonite and never ever wear the black n white shirt again!



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