Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Watford 2 - 2 Newcastle(5-4), 07/11/06

Sibierski heads the lead

Against a team tipped for relegation, Newcastle just managed to pip them for a spot in the last 8 of the league cup through penalties, but not before trumpeting it was a marginally deserved win. What the hell has the team come to? From a top 4 side to now this? Happy for a slim win over the likes of Watford? We've drawn Chelsea next! That's just great, a very slim chance to progress indeed but atleast that game will be shown live unlike this game. Will that game be pleasent viewing, most probably NOT if current performance is anything to go by. The heroics of Harper and Parker manage to delay the unavoildable.. Tick tock tick tock.. The clock is ticking for Roeder..



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