Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Gran Turismo 4 Guide [Part 1]

Gran Turismo 4 or GT4 for short is a kick ass racing simulation game for the PS2. For seasoned players who played GT 1,2 & 3, it wont be a problem unlocking the prize cars and getting enough dough to have that dream cars in your garage. For beginners though, landing $4.5 Million to buy the Toyota GT One is a humongous task when you start of with zero cars and $30,000! Fret not! My guide will help you rake in the money quickly.

The Toyota GT One..

With your initial money of $30k, get a $10k-$15k Skyline in the Used Car Dealer, then with the remaining money, upgrade your car's turbo stage to atleast 2 (3 or 4 would be better but you cant afford it unless you played GT3 before which means you can transfer 100k to your GT4 savegame and that gives you a $130k startup money instead of $30k!).. Tyre & brake upgrades are important too.. Get Soft Racing tyres and Racing brakes as it will help alot during those sharp corners.. Dont forget to give your car a wash and an oil change!

Next, take your car and race in the Japanese Championship under the Japanese Events section.. Once you complete the race by winning all 5 races you'll get the cool 350Z Concept LM Race Car. If your driving skill sucks and you cant win the races, use B-Spec and just be like a pit marshall and direct the races for the AI driver.. Repeat this event several times, keep the first 350Z Concept, sell the second one you get and upgrade your first 350Z Concept with stage 3/4 turbo.. Now you will just smoke the competition with this 350Z Concept for most of the beginner race events.. The 350Z sells for a cool $340k if i'm not mistaken.. So you will need to win the Jap event 4 times.. Why 4? 1st prize car for you to keep, 2nd to be sold off and use the $$$ as your upgrade funds and 3-4 to accumulate $700k so that you can get another super car to be your trump card in higher level race events..

350Z Concept LM Race Car, this car rocks!

The car that you need to buy is the Audi A4 Touring Car! Get it from the Audi showroom which sells it for $450k.. Max the car in the tune shop.. Give it max turbo upgrade.. And finally you can join (and win!) the mother of all money maker race events! The Deutsche Touring Car Meisterschaft race which can is located in the European Events.. The Audi will smoke the competition in B-Spec (set it at 5/Push and Overtake) and the prize car you are gonna get is the AMG Mercedes CLK-GTR Race Car worth $700k++! Winning the car + championship money will give you close to a cool $1 Million for every round you win it.. Complete it 5 times and say hello to the Toyota GT One in your garage! =)

Audi A4 Touring Car, your top cash cow for this game!

So thats all folks on how to earn money in GT4! I'll explain further on the tricky spots in the game later on.. Good luck to all you racers! Couch racers that is.. =P



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