Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Duff for 5M = Good Business!

I cant believe it! We bought a world class winger for 5M pounds! Also Duff played a part by insisting to come to the northeast and not Liverpool or Spurs.. Thank you! Thank you!! May you get 50 games on our left wing, 25 assists and 10 goals this season! I hope we sign Klose, Campbell and Sorin next! :P Yeah.. wishfull thinking i know.. But then so was Duff! Here's some pics of Duff for the Toon!!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A New Season Starts This Saturday!

Yup.. while some teams are still on holiday.. The Magpies have been training since last week for the coming Intertoto game this Saturday! Officially our season starts this week!! Hooooorayyy! The Magpies will be up against a norwegian team called Lillestrom.. Having played Championship Manager all my life, Lillestrom does have some decent players.. Lets hope we dont shoot ourselves in the foot aka 'giving' them an away goal.. The return match on their turf will be a midweek game.. I hope both games will be shown live here.. Last year Astro was good enough to show the Intertoto games live on our shores! I could only pray..

On a less positive note.. Newcastle United has not sign any new players!! Damn you Freddy! I hope we get Klose & Saviola!! :P Add another centreback and a fullback and i think we are set! Campbell is a free agent right now! Go after him! We should be adding quality signings into the squad, not young players with huge potential ala Bramble! OK Bramble did improve in the end but the mistakes still cost us games.. Come on Freddy we want to see the signings NOW!!