Monday, January 23, 2006

Fulham? Blackburn??

We lost both game 1-0.. I'm not interested to blog for the moment on a team currently not producing result.. What pisses me off more is we have a prick as a manager who doesnt admit his coaching style is a direct result of the team playing piss poor div. 1 style football!
Souness OUT!!


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Newcastle vs Mansfield, 7th January 2006

The game against the Stags was not shown live here but i did manage to catch Football Extra at the end of the day. The team played ok in patches and got away with a slim 1-0 win, thanks to the Stag's awful finishing, the magpies proceed to the next round. The defence was shyte as usual. On a more positive note, Shearer has grabbed his 200th goal for newcastle! Excellent, now i hope he goes on to score a few more till the end of the season.

Unbelievebly in January, there's no transfer dealings going on for the magpies! We must be seriously broke! To the tune of 90 Million pounds! That's what i read in the paper actually, but you can't believe everything you read this days. Our pool of targets is shrinking by the day, Anelka is now a prime target for Everton, Meite is going someplace else and Nihat who looks to be on his way to Tyneside has now instead set his sights to Moscow. And we gave trial to a guy named Lanchor, Lanchor who? Yup, it's really that bad..


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Newcastle vs Middlesbrough, 2nd January 2005

Thanks to an injury time goal from Lee Clark and Viduka's inept finishing, Souness is still a Newcastle United manager! A 2-2 draw might be a fair result for both teams but the chants of 'Souness Out' after the final whistle clearly showed what the fans thought of the teams AND manager's performance. The game was shown live but i completely forgot about it and instead watched a Battlestar Galactica movie.

I wont comment anything more about the game since i missed so i'll direct my ire towards some news item i read today. Firstly, parker goes under the knife on his knee. That's just great, our second best player goes out for the next 2 months! Second best?! Cos Shay Given in my opinion is our best player for this miserable season by a very long mile! Souness said this in the news item regarding parker's operation:

'..It's a shame for Scott because he has been our best player this season and to lose him is a blow for everyone concerned..'

He doesnt have a fucking clue who the best is.. Shame on you Souness.. Given, just hand in your transfer request, the fans will understand.. You deserve better!

Other news worth noting are the transfer of Laurent Robert to Benfica and Sam Allardyce as the no.1 target to replace Souness WHEN he gets the sack.. Hmmmm.. i still prefer Otmar Hitzfeld(i dont think i got the spelling correct :P) or Guus Hiddink as they are more shrewd tactically and a few notches up then allardyce, whether they'll be interested to manage the toon would be a completely different matter, but i'm crossing my fingers!!


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

vs Tottenham, 31st December 2005

We lost the game 2-0 and the match wasnt even shown as a delayed match here. I woke up early the next morning to catch 'Football Extra' to see how we fared in the game. A short 2 minute highlight of the game did give a clue that we were horrible in the game, owen got injured (and will be out for 3 months!!), the defence opened up too easily.. and ameobi missed a sitter in injury time.. Same old story, same old mediocrity.. The pundits on Football Extra was very vocal with both the defence of the magpies and souness, all of em needs to be shipped out! I totally agree with you dudes!!

There was also a reported bust up between Carr and Souness causing the player to give this game a miss.. We should coin a new term, a 'Souness bust up' whenever a bust up occurs between a player and a manager, cos that's what he has mastered after all this years in football management! What better way to be remembered in the history of football!

I also did some reading on the net after the spurs game was played and talk about Luque moving on to Real after only playing 4 games for us is ridiculous! He's a class act and should be given a full season to get his game together! Bowyer and Faye on the other hand are footballing misfits who deserve to ply their trade in the lower divisions! Either that or a new manager who could improve them tremendously as a player.

I end this post with a quote from Newcastle Online:

"..If you're reading Joaquin, stay well fucking clear of Newcastle United, a club fast becoming a graveyard for footballers (Luque, Owen et al), a holiday camp for wasters (Kluivert, Dyer et al) and a retirement home for piss poor managers (Souness).."

True indeed..